Surjapuri - The Identity of Kishanganj and nearby district

Surjapuri and Kishanganj including nearby areas are deeply associated with each other. Kishanganj is one of the district along with Purnia, Araria, Katihar and Uttar Dinajpur (West Bengal), where the Surjapuri lauguage is widely spoken. Besides this, the people talking in this language are referred as Surjapuri. KishanganjBihar. com provides a brief overview of Surjapuri.

What is Surjapuri
“Surjapuri” – the word sounds little awkward and beyond understanding for people living across the world. I would not like to keep you people puzzled about the particular term Surjapuri. Frankly speaking the term can’t be find in any dictionary around the world in any language. In fact, the term Surjapuri represents a community of people living in Surjapur area that sprawls in five districts including four districts of Bihar, namely Kishanganj, Katihar, Araria and Purnea, and District of Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal.

Situated in the north-eastern part of Bihar the Surjapur region has adopted a distinct language over the years. People of the area speak Surjapuri language which is actually a combination of languages like Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Oriya, Nepali and other languages spoken in different part of the country. Simply Surjapuri is a regional language spoken by the people of Surjapur area and it is known for its softness and unique charm.

History & Today of Surjapuri Language & Area

Although Surjapuri language is spoken since a long time, but there is no crude information about the origin and exact history of Surjapuri. Some say that it is spoken since the Mughal era, while some say the language came into existence during British period. Based on the statements and records it can be said that Surjapuri language has deep roots and represent the rich past of the Surjapur area.

Sadly but true with the development of country and world, the Surjapur area didn’t developed at fast pace. Even majority of the population in Surjapur area are illiterate and facing various problems. Unemployment, improper road and tele-communication, poor health and sanitation, and poor economic condition are some of the key problems of the area. Agriculture (cultivation) is the main profession of the people in Surjapur area.

Despite many difficulties, people of Surjapur area are humble and lively in nature. Setting aside all the difficulties and problems, people of the area have learnt to move ahead with the time. Fact is that, not only in education but in many other fields like medicine, engineering and technology, journalism, management, social work, law, etc. people of the area have make their special mark.

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