Thakurganj - A Suburb (Tehsil) of Kishanganj

Thakurganj – a suburb of Kishanganj is renowned for his ancient history, mythological connection with Pandavas, and its natural beauty as well. Situated just about 100 kms (4 hours journey) ahead of Darjeeling, on the foothills of Great Himalayas, Thakurganj gives a feel of more or less like a hill station to the visitors. Politically, Thakurganj is second biggest tehsil after Bahadurganj in Kishanganj. Thakurganj comes under Kishanganj Loksabha constituency, and itself is an assembly (v idhan sabha constituency). Naushad Alam of LJP (Lok Janashakti Party) is the current seating MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) of Thakurganj.

Geographically, Thakurgani is located at 26°27′N 88°08′E / 26.45°N 88.13°E / 26.45; 88.13 and it has an average elevation of 82 metres (269 feet). Thakurganj shares boundaries with neighbouring country of Nepal, and the nearby state of West Bengal. In fact, people of Thakurganj visit Bhadarpur of Nepal for shopping of foreign goods especially electronic gadgets. Siliguri is another major nearby market from Thakurganj.

Naushad Alam - MLA Thakurganj
Market of Thakurganj - Despite being a small town, Thakurganj is also an important market place of Kishanganj district. Here you find Tea Factory, Tea Processing machinery shops, Brickmaking industries and other types of agriculture related shops. Besides these, the market of Thakurganj has many clothes, shoes, general stores, medicine shops, fruit seller shops, and vegetable market. The Marwaris (mostly migrated from Rajasthan) are mainly involved in major businesses at Thakurganj. While the locals involved in small scale businesses.

People of Thakurganj are typical like other areas of Kishanganj. Lungi and Kurta (Shirt or Pehran) is the common dress of men, while women wear sarees or salwar suit. Chawal (Rice), Dal (Lenticels) and Sabzi (Vegetable) is the routine meal of people of the area. Meat (non vegetarian) food items are also liked by majority of the population. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Thakurganj, and people deals in the cultivation of Rice, Wheat, Lenticels and Maize.

Fair and Festivals of Thakurganj - Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Deepawali, Holi and Chaath are the main festivals of Hindus. Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha and Muharram. Many fairs are also held at Thakurganj everyyear, the noted among them is Kichakwadh Mela and Khirsamunder Mela. The literacy rate of Thakurganj is little better than Kishanganj district, and the area has high school (Thakurganj High School), a degree college (Azad National College), many primary schools and convents.

Tea Garden in Thakurganj

Nearest Towns / Suburbs from Thakurganj

Kishanganj (Bihar) – 50 KM

Bahadurganj (Bihar) – 42 KM

Araria (Bihar) – 84 KM

Siliguri (West Bengal) – 50 KM

Islampur (West Bengal) – 25 KM

Purnea (Bihar) – 125 KM

How to Reach Thakurganj
Road: State highway connects the town of Thakurganj with the district headquarters of Kishanganj, and suburb of Bahadurganj. Thakurganj is also well-linked by motorable roads with the towns like Siliguri, Islampur, Purnea and Araria.

Rail: Thakurganj Railway Station is situated on Kishanganj – Siliguri railroute and served by passenger trains plying on Siliguri – Katihar section.

Nearest Airport from Thakurganj
Bagdogra Airport, mainly a domestic airport is just 40 kms. away from Thakurganj. The airport is served by flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, and Bhutan.

Accommodation in Thakurganj
Few budget hotels with very basic amenities are available in Thakurganj. One can explore the Thakurganj area in a day, so it is suggested to stay at hotels in the nearby towns of Kishanganj (50 km) and Siliguri (50 km).

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