AMU Kishanganj! AMUCC succeeds in Urdu & Hindi newspaper coverage, still seeks attention from English / Electronic Media

Media (Press) – the fourth pillar of democracy is highly criticized nowadays for being mute spectator and highlighting the sponsored stories and issues. Electronic Media can be blamed somehow for its issueless approach and biased approach to various issues happening in the country. When most of News Channels spend hours is covering news related to Bollywood, Cricket, Television, a section of media called ‘Print Media’ is leading from the front and carry almost all types of news including issue-based stories. In the recent time the Urdu and Hindi newspapers of the country widely read in North India and north-eastern state of Bihar had given proper attention to the proposed AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) Centre in Kishanganj.

While Hindi newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Hindustan and Prabhat Khabar is carrying the news about AMU Kishanganj time-and-again, the Urdu newspapers like Roznama Sahara, Inquilaab, Hindustan Express, Hamara Samaj, Nadia Times, Qaumi Tanzim, Sahafat, etc. are giving regular coverage to the issue. Although it seems that the newspapers are itself carrying the news related to AMU Centre in Kishanganj, but the truth is unknown to many in India and abroad.

AMUCC (Aligarh Muslim University Coordination Committee) – a Delhi based non-political group working sincerely as an important catalyst for the proposed centre in Kishanganj is the main driving force behind the publication of reports in Hindi and Urdu newspapers. The group working for past two years as a facilitator among the Bihar Government, Central Government and AMU administration tried its best to convince the reporters of Hindi and Urdu newspapers for highlighting the issue to get the attention of the stakeholders and common people.

Result of AMUCC’s continuous effort is before all. The Roznama Sahara – a leading Urdu daily of India has given full page special coverage to the issue of AMU Centre in Kishanganj. The newspaper has also published an interview of AMUCC Convenor Mohammad Aslam with photograph. With various interviews and small reports Roznama Sahara has tried its best to cater the attention of Central Government and its unprecedented delay. At the mean time, the English newspapers that have high circulation are still shying off from publishing the report about AMU Kishanganj. 

If the English newspapers and Electronic media lend its support for the noble cause of AMU Centre in Kishanganj, it can be expected that the issue will be resolved in no time. And the deprived people of Seemanchal area in Bihar and West Bengal can see the massive campus of AMU at Kishanganj in a short time. Hope someone from English newspapers and Electronic media will read this report and come forward to support the AMUCC group to raise its voice to the masses and concerned politicians. 

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