Medical Facilities in Kishanganj

Having a population of 14 lakhs, Kishanganj is backward in almost all aspects. Education, employment, health etc. are the fields in which the situation of the district is not well. Health is one the most grieving issue of the district and we are running short of good treatment facility.

Due to financial backwardness most of the people in Kishanganj do not get proper diet so they fall ill at frequent intervals. Weak economic condition adds more woes to them and they can not visit the good doctors for proper treatment. Hence, they consult the unauthorised quack doctors and took the medicine suggested by them. But, such doctors have little knowledge and they can’t do treatment for big ailments.

For economically weak people Lions Seva Kendra Hospital also MGM College Hospital offers treatment facilities at reasonable charges. Situated just half-km-away from Cultex and close to Bengal Bus Stand, the hospital is equipped with contemporary medical amenities. Sick people can get proper treatment at this hospital. Sometimes, when the nature of ailment is major, the hospital refers the patient to nearby town of Siliguri.

On the whole, Lions Seva Kendra Hospital is a good place for treatment in Kishanganj district. In addition, Kishanganj has a number of good surgeons and physicians, namely Dr.Mohan Lal Jain (Physician at Cultex), Dr. Shankar Lal Ramdas (Physician at Dharamshala Road), Dr. Ms. Urmila (Gynaecologist - NH 31, close to railway station), Dr. Mohtamim Haider (Surgeon Churipatti) and Dr. Anwar Alam (Surgeon – Churipaiti).
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