Kishanganj Peace Convention! A Talk of Dr Zakir Naik and it's inferences

Guest Article by: Sharique Kokab

Seeing  posters & Messages of  Mega Islamic Mass  gathering led by Dr. Zakir Naik, is eventually a dream come true of thousand s of optimistic people who definitely see it as a program of ISLAMIC lecturer where people may come to know how Islamic scholars try to mitigate the difference of opinions  from different religious view existing around the world. Being a citizen of Kishanganj Area we are happy to host such a MEGA EVENT  in a neglected area of Development. Some time I found petty poor while thinking about our area:  we are nobody, We are nowhere, but my firm believe Almighty  GOD is too much Kind and blessed our people time and again to Host & conduct such world class mass gathering to think about HUMAN BEINGS. 

I remember a decade ago (1997) similar Islamic mass gathering “ALIMI IJTAMA” had hosted by the people of Kishanganj Called by Jamat people. After that we see & witness some changes in Islamic point of view as well as ( I cannot perceive the Islamic changes in the area  but what we can see) the ECONOMIC changes in the area in the form of  TEA GARDENS DEVELOPMENT   in  large scale commercially, Same piece of land was barren but the Rahmat of Allah Subhanahu Tala make this land a wonderful gift for Tea production. We Hope Allah subhanahu Tala will accept this mass gathering and may accomplish it with huge success, With His Blessing  this time Kishanganj would become a  centre of Knowledge & Skill Development , As a decade ago kishanganj become a part of world class tea development Area.

My humble request to Islamic Scholars and other scholars of different field. Please, please extend your helping hands, ideas and put your remarks, how to make this LAND OF DEPRIVED more peaceful & Developed area, where scholars like you come (VISIT) once in decade or two.

I hope All our guest from outside will agree that this Deprived land is full of fantasy & Opportunities , but none of the local people have courage or Envision to make it HUB of Development in all terms being a Muslim dominated area (A Learning centre of Islamic Studies, Modern Field of studies , Identify  modern scope of economic Development – as It has unique geographical feature  being located near hill part of Darjeeling , it Enjoys the beauty of pleasant Weather  throughout the year ,Its  Demography is full enthusiastic & having amazing capacity to adopt  changes in a  very short span of time. Its New Generation is educated and socially aware of the Development Programs, global exposure to come-up with new changes in different sectors.

I wish this mega event become a SYMBOL of Transformation for thousand- million of have-nots. Would request to invite Experts of different field, come and be a part of this Area to make its tomorrow a bright future.

Why I raise these point here apart from Islam & Dawah, (B’coz  often people cannot take right decision according to shr ‘iah  while don’t have alternative option of source of income , I believe modern desires   of people become necessity &  habit, which leads to do more which  is not acceptable, the  key performer is  money & source of income more precisely our negligent  Islamic Approach to accomplish our thousand desires . 

Most of Muslim Youth & parents are motivate to worldly things and I am not an exception of it. What I found???? The earning of most of the people is not proper and they forget the HALAL, HARAM source of income. I cannot say authentically that this person  does this and he is earning  haram or halal, God knows better but our eyes and  conscience do infer what we come across on day to day activities of  People in our area specially engaged in  State Govt. Madarsa is witnessing  its Example. 

 In one hand Govt. says she pays payment to madarsa staffs (your people is not working properly and blames that if your people is not doing for you then what we can do 4 u all )  Hmmm ….we know our people  how sincerely they do their responsibility & everyone  knows about it ( it can be my family, relative s or yours…. that’s the truth)  State owned Govt . School is not an exception and some of the privately owned madarsa in our area do indulge in these activities –  categorically I mentioned these two example reason that , Common man expect at least from these people who are engaged in educating  youths, parents and society at large by their daily , monthly or annual activities. I didn’t mean that, this is their sole responsibility to root out such evil elements from the society, but our hands together and a common Islamic approach, regular awareness could help us to quit from such bad practice of thousands.

A Common Question raised to Dr. Zakir NAIK: 
As you are a scholar of Islamic and Modern Science specially Medical Studies, Would like to draw your attention. 

For the youth of today what should He/ She opt, A course of studies in privately owned Madarsa or opt  Modern studies of science or other. I know  One can opt both but it required full financial support from parent to study ( 8 yrs in madersa & another 8 eight years for science & technology or any other field of studies categorically- Management, Accounts, Natural science & Research field in Economics , Environmental, india n Art & literature). We are happy to know that Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) running a WORLD class school where youth  MUSLIM are train to be capable of both ISLAMIC & ANY other field of studies, what’s  Your   position on opening such SCHOOL here in KISHANGANJ. ( If you could announce a positive move for such school here in Kishanganj. It would be A gift for thousands of Have not who drops their studies for bread& butter- I m sure , these thousands of people present here will witness to cooperate you  to establish such Ideal Scholl and certainly it latter could be convert  into School of thought for MUSLIM in particular.

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